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Tasting Notes: Manuka Honey, Milk Chocolate, Dried Fig

Elevation: 1300-1800 MASL

Process: Swiss Water | 100% No Chemicals

Varietal: Bourbon, Caturra, Mondo Nuovo, Pache

Impact: Fair Trade, Organic


Our Swiss Water Process Peru is a delightfully sweet decaffeinated coffee. A true crowd pleaser, it expresses a vast array of sugary sweet tasting notes, a restrained acidity and a syrupy body. In its lighter iterations, we experienced notes of Manuka honey, stone fruit and praline coming from its pronounced body and slightly floral caramelized sweetness. At darker levels, we experienced notes of milk chocolate and dried fig. Across all roast levels, this coffee maintains a healthy level of sweetness and texture. This coffee is at its best as a sweet and creamy shot of espresso or as a chocolate and caramel forward batch brew. Swiss Water Decaf - the healthiest and tastiest decaf option out there!



This process was born from passionate people like us who believe decaf coffee should be healthy and taste amazing. This eco-friendly process uses charcoal filters to remove the caffeine after the green beans are soaked in hot water. This ends up removing about 97-99.9% of caffeine and produces a much more flavorful and healthy cup of coffee.


Why Is Swiss Water Process decaf coffee more expensive?

The Swiss Water Process is a more expensive decaffeination method than other methods, such as the direct solvent method. This gentle and non-toxic method requires equipment, materials, and processes that cost more and - most importantly - take more time. So, Swiss Water Process decaf coffee tends to be more expensive than regular coffee. However, it's worth it for coffee lovers who want a high-quality decaf coffee that is free of harmful chemicals and preserves the beloved taste and smell.

When drinking our coffee, we recommend you grind only as much coffee as you will need before brewing. It is very important that you use the proper ground size for your preferred brewing method.

Perú | Decaf | Amazonas

Our new batch is currently being toasted for you! Please allow 10-15 days for order to be shipped.
  • This Swiss Water Process decaf coffee comes from producers working in the northern regions of Amazonas and Cajamarca, Perú. The exporter of this coffee, Perunor, specializes in developing market access for smaller regional coffee producer associations. These smaller producer groups lack the financial, processing, logistical and commercial infrastructure to export coffee directly to international markets.


    The Swiss Water Process involves four key steps:

    1. Separation: the process begins by soaking green coffee beans in hot water which gently separates caffeine and flavor compounds.

    2. Filtration: the green coffee beans are discarded  and the water known as (GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT) is passed through an activated charcoal filter which allows the flavor to pass through, but not the caffeine.

    3. Soaking: a new batch of green coffee beans is soaked in the GREEN COFFEE EXTRACT. Soaking the new beans in the extract pulls out the caffeine while simultaneously infusing them with the rich coffee flavor of the original batch. The remaining extract is once again filtered through charcoal to remove the caffeine and  then set aside for future batches.

    4. Drying: once the soaked beans have dried they are ready to be roasted!


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