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Tasting Notes: Raspberry, Marshmallow, Date

Elevation: 1900-2500 MASL

Process: Natural

Varietal: Ethiopia Heirloom

Impact: Farmer Impact Fund, Organic


Our newest natural processed Ethiopian offering, Shanta Golba, is a delightfully expressive yet balanced coffee. Gently layered with effervescent, fruit-forward flavors and exquisite aromatics. Lighter roast styles showcase notes of fresh raspberries, wildflower honey and vanilla, along with a round and creamy body. Darker roasts of this coffee are thick and syrupy and exhibit sweet caramelized notes of dates and roasted marshmallows, along with hints of anise and dark chocolate. This clean and balanced, yet fruity and complex, coffee works well across all brew methods, but shines most as a pour-over or single origin espresso. This coffee also pairs excellently with others in a blend to bring fruit and character. 

When drinking our coffee, we recommend you grind only as much coffee as you will need before brewing. It is very important that you use the proper ground size for your preferred brewing method.

Ethiopia | Shanta Golba Natural | Single Origin

Our new batch is currently being toasted for you! Please allow 10-15 days for order to be shipped.
  • Ethiopia Shanta Golba Natural comes from over 1200 small-holder producers living around the town of Daya Bensa in the Sidama region. This organically produced, naturally processed coffee was sourced from our partners at Unravel Coffee Merchants and Ardent Coffee Export. Ardent is heavily involved in the local community, building a road to aid in transportation, a local elementary school and the Shanta Golba washing station. Additionally, training on agronomy and cherry harvesting is provided to producers in the area.


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